Ingram Group Contracting provides full construction services in the more traditional role as General Contractor. Ingram Group Contracting prepares a detailed estimate and tender in strict accordance with the design drawings and specifications prepared by the Architect and Consultants. Clients are provided a fixed price for the complete construction of the project. As the General Contractor, Ingram Group Contracting is responsible for delivering the entire construction of the project for the agreed upon price and schedule, barring any changes being made to the design and specifications. This provides the client an advantage of shifting construction cost risks to the General Contractor.  What we do:

  • Responsible for all construction related costs
  • Site set up, complete supervision, and coordination of the site work
  • Scheduling control and sequencing of all construction activities
  • Procurement of all sub-trade and supplier contracts
  • Site safety control and enforcement
  • Project close out documentation collection, control, and submittal