Home Additions

Home Additions and Laneway Houses

Land is a scarcity in BC. Developing your property to the limit not only increases its usability, but also maximizes you property value and offers potential new income streams 

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Home Additions and Laneway Houses

With the price of real estate in BC, its a shame not to increase your home’s potential by increasing square footage and adding new, dynamic living spaces. These spaces could be recreational or functional, but regardless, they should be built seamlessly into your existing home. With our experience in additions and upgrades, you can rest assured knowing that your home addition will be carefully and thoughtfully managed to preserve the integrity of the existing structure and property while matching your vision. 

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New Space, New Income Streams

Home additions and laneway houses aren’t only pretty and useful additions to your property, they can be monetized by offering new living space that can be rented out and leased. If your property has been purchased for investment purposes, then these additions can increase your return on investment by increasing the property value and the annual income you could expect. From an extra bedroom, suite, or a whole new laneway house, capitalize on your existing assets and help ease the ongoing housing inventory crisis in BC by building fresh living space that you can profit on.

Custom Workshops

Whether it be for hobbies, work, or a side project, custom workshops can be a game changer for the way you utilize your property. Workshops can be a niche area for builder, so hiring a project manager with experience in this scope is key to realizing your dream workshop. 

Custom workshop

Bring Your Vision to Reality

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